DTA / TG – Thermogravimetric & Differential Thermal Analysis


Brand / Model

Perkin Elmer STA 6000


Sensor: Platinum pan holder
Reference ring
Balance resolution: 0.1 μg
Temperature range: Room temp. to 1000 °C
Heating rate: 0.1 to 100 °C/min
Sample pans: Alumina 180 μl


DTA / TG device is used to determine the
properties of various materials such as melting,
glass transition temperature, sublimation
temperatures, mass loss / gain, phase
change and oxidation.



Terms of sample delivery: 

• The quantity of powder samples should be between 5-15 mg minimum.

• Solid material samples should be max. 3×3 mm in size, maximum sample thickness should be 3 mm (in powder form).

• The atmosphere environment (Nitrogen / Air) and the temperature at which the analysis is to be performed must be specified.



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