Nano Indentation


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IBIS/IBIS Nanoindentation System


Nanoindentasyon Features:
Load range: 0‐500 mN
Digital resolution: 0.05 μN
Noise floor: <1 μN
Minimum contact load: 5 μN
Depth Range: 0-20 μm
Digital resolution: 0.003 nm
Noise floor: 0.05 nm
Surface roughness: <1 μm

Scratch Test Features:
Lateral force range: ±20 mN/ ±200 mN
dual range
Theoretical resolution: 0.0006 mN/ 0.006 mN
Actual noise floor: 0.005 mN/ 0.01 mN
Maximum scratch length: 66 mm standard
Maximum scratch speed: 2000 μm/sec


Nano induration tester is used to determine the mechanical properties of thin films (hardness, modulus of elasticity) formed from different
materials. Using a suitable indenter, the load is applied up to a maximum value that is perpendicular to the sample surface, and after the maximum
load value is reached, a gradual restoration is performed. Load (N) – Depth (nm) curves obtained by loading and restoring are analyzed
and the mechanical properties of the sample are determined.
Scratch tester is used to determine the mechanical properties of the thin film and coating surfaces such as refraction, deformation and adhesion.
It is also used to characterize the friction and adhesion force of the backing and film system.



Terms of sample delivery: 

• All specimens should be smooth and polished.

• Samples should be placed within a maximum diameter of 15 millimeters.

• The surface to be examined should be parallel to the installation surface and less than 8 millimeters.



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