Time Resolved Spectrometry

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Edinburgh Instruments FLSP920 Fluorescence Spectrometer (Steady State, Lifetime, Phosphorescence)


Light Source: Xe900 continuous xenon lamp (200-900 nm),
μF920 microsecond flashlamp,
nF920 nanosecond flashlamp
Dedector: Single Photon Counting (SPC) photomultiplier (PMT),
Near Infrared (NIR) dedector (900-1500 nm)
Data collection techniques: Single Photon Counting,
Multi-channel scaling (MCS),
Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)
(spectral scanning, kinetic measurements, fluorescence and phosphorescence decay acquisitions)
System Geometry: Optical Configuration Right angle geometry (standard)


It is used for excitation, emission spectrum and decay time measurements in nano and microseconds of organic or inorganic substances which have fluorescence or phosphorescence specification. In this way, the wavelengths of the substance can be determined as absorption and emission based. It operates between 200 and 900 nm in standard measurements. At certain wavelengths (visible region and IR), “decay time” measurements at nano second level can be performed by exciting pulsed laser light sources. Micro second flash lamps can be used to measure the fluorescence life at the microsecond level.

It is used for researches in fields such as photophysics, photochemistry, biophysics and semiconductor investigations, single and multiple irrational irregularities, time dependent emission spectroscopy (tres), monomer excimer kinetics, time dependent fluorescence anisotropy, solvent relaxation dynamics, biomedical, material physics, pharmaceutical industry, sensor applications.



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