X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)

Brand / Model

Thermo Scientific ARL X’TRA


X-ray source: Cu-Kα with Ni filter
Source voltage: 15 – 60 kV
Sourve current: 5 – 60 mA
Normal scanning speed: (0.1° 2θ/s)
Scanning range: 0 – 89° (2-Theta)
Max. voltage and current: 60 kV, 55 mA
Angular resolution: <0.04° FWHM
Powder: 150 mg
Solid and thin film: Min. 0.5 x 0, 5 cm
Max. 2 x 2 cm


The X-Ray Diffraction Method (XRD) is based on the fact that each crystalline phase breaks X-rays in a characteristic order, depending on the specific atomic sequences of the phase. For each crystal phase, these diffraction profiles quantitatively define that crystal. The X-ray diffraction analysis method does not destroy the sample during the analysis and allows for the analysis of even small amounts of samples. With the XRD device, it is possible to perform phase analysis (search match) and texture analysis together with the diffraction profiles of the samples.

It is used in determination of minerals and rocks in dust, bulk and thin film coatings, in the identification of minerals and rocks, in metal and alloy analysis, in the analysis of polymers, in determining the phases for the sample with diffraction profile, in the determination of preferential orientations of crystals by texture analysis in polycrystalline solid materials.


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